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New Release...

We are really pleased to announce that our latest vintage release is now available.

Tiriol Natural Field Blend 2022.

Tiriol means "of the land" in Welsh and this wine is made solely from grapes from our Welsh non intervention, regenerative vineyard. One which works in balance with nature, without any outside inputs, emphasising the importance of whole farm system from soil to fruit.

Our vineyard has never been treated with any synthetic chemicals, we continue this in the winery, with natural spontaneous fermentation, unblocked malo-lactic fermentation and gravity led clarification without filtration.

No additions were made to the grapes or wine at anytime, this is a pure, raw and naturally healthy wine. 

After 11 months in the winery the wines have been allowed to rest in bottle for a further 6 months. 

Our aim is to be true to natural systems and our terroir so that we can present a wine that is genuine and offers an unadulterated taste of place.

Each bottle is numbered and is part of a very limited release.

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