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Winery Update...

Here's the latest from David Morris at the Mountain People winery.

"Hi both, thought I’d update you from the winery.

Solaris pressed wine is fermenting really nice and slowly at low temperature; obviously plenty of yeasts from the vineyard; will transfer this to tinaja this week as it still has sugar in and isn’t producing a lot of co2.

Small tank of whole bunch Solaris tasting lovely and tropical, about halfway through sugar degradation.

Rondo; was planning on pressing out this weekend but leaving now until Wednesday/Thursday as tannic pickup has just started and is giving a nice extra dimension, electric colour, sour plum stone and blackberry. Will go into tinaja and potentially barrel after pressing.

Cheers Dave."

We are really pleased that all is going so well and all down to Mother Nature and David's care.

Without any winemaking interventions.

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