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Hebron Vineyard was planted by Jemma Vickers and Paul Rolt in 2010.

Moving back to the UK after 9 exciting years converting an established vineyard into an award winning non intervention organic vineyard in Andalucia, Spain. With a young daughter and a son on the way, we felt that it was important for our children to form strong relationships with their family in the UK.

Establishing a vineyard using organic methods in West Wales presents various challenges. After many set-backs, including rabbit attack and over zealous grass growth; with determination and hard work we were delighted with Hebron Vineyard's first release in 2019, a rare Welsh red wine "1".

The sister wine of the 2018 vintage is a superlative sparkling white wine, "Silver Lining". This wine has spent an extra year in the bottle, using the 'méthode traditionnelle'. Neither of our 'Premier Cru' wines have required any interventions after the first fermentation stage. A wine master noted of our 2018 sparkling wine, "exceptional quality" and we could not agree more.

We feel that the superb unadulterated taste reflects the love and passion that goes into our work, the mineral rich terroir of the Preseli foothills and the west coast cool climate.

Our vineyards are non/zero intervention and organically maintained. Using regenerative viticulture and agroforestry practices. Although this is not the easy option, we do not feel that the use of pesticide, herbicide, fungicide or indeed fertilizer is necessary to produce a quality grape. We want our grapes to taste of their vines natural experience here in the soils and climate of West Wales not of any additions we have made to it or to them. We feel secure that no petro-chemical based poisons can leach into the vine or soil and thus into the grape/wine. We strive to work within and in harmony with the ecosystem rather than attempting to radically alter and control it. We do not currently practice any bio-dynamic interventions either.  

All of the vines are maintained by hand from prune to training to harvest. The only intervention in the vineyard is that we cut the grass  beneath the vines. We prune annually. We also manage the canopy, removing unwanted buds and later leaves.

As we practice non/zero intervention in our viticulture so we believe we should in our winemaking. We were able to do this in our first vineyard in Spain.

For the first time, in 2021/22 vintage  we were very pleased to be contacted by David Morris of Mountain People Wine. David is one of the UK's finest Biodynamic and Natural winemakers and his winery is in South Wales. So our wines will be the result of a natural fermentation spontaneously created by the yeasts picked up by the grapes in the vineyard. No sulphur washes, no pectolase or other feed enzymes for a winemaking laboratory born killer yeast, no acids (tartaric & citric), no synthetic or natural clarification products, filtration by gravity and time. 

Our goal is a Zero Zero wine, one with zero intervention in the vineyard and with zero intervention in the winery.

Hebron Vineyard picking Welsh red grapes organically grown in west wales
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