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Winery Update...

2021 Vintage Update. We have had another exciting visit to taste our wine, being made by David Morris of Mountain Wine People, here in Wales. Our 'clean' grapes; which is the term used for those grapes from vineyards which have not used any synthetic chemical sprays to manage their land/crop, are progressing their Natural wine journey in impressive style. The white Solaris has finished it's first fermentation which started from the natural yeast bloom on the grapes from our chemical free vineyard. The aroma of tropical fruits is staggering and incredibly inviting. Our traditional tinaja ceramic vessels are starting to enhance the minerality of the wine. The mid and end palette are still developing as expected and will be enhance over time. The red Rondo grapes have almost finished the first ferment phase, C02 is still present. Again the aroma of summer berry fruits is delicious. We have spilt the Rondo young wine into our own American Oak, medium toast, second vintage barrels and our traditional ceramic tinajas. The developing difference in flavour notes and taste is already creating an interesting juxtaposition. Same naturally fermented juice but with developing rounded vanilla notes from the Oak barrels and the clean, minerality of the ancient ceramic vessel. The wines will be monitored and tasted regularly and allowed to self clarify using gravity and time. We are so pleased that our natural wine, made from our organic clean grapes, allowed to ferment naturally, using the wild yeast on our fruit, will provide us with the real and genuine unadulterated taste of our vineyard. Safe in the knowledge that this wine will be genuinely chemical free with a healthy organic provenance. Each time we taste our young wine we become more excited at the prospect of achieving the "Holy Grail" of organic viticulture and winemaking, a Zero-Zero wine. That is a 100% natural wine with zero intervention in the vineyard and zero intervention in the winery. Nothing added, Nothing taken away.


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