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What does Arbustra mean?

Arbustra is the art of growing vines using a living trellis. The collective of Arbustra is Arbustrum.

This is an ancient natural method of training vines. The art of Arbustra was certainly practiced by the Roman viticulturalists. It was a method of growing grapes that was held in very high regard.

Pliny believed that vines grown on living trellises produced the finest wines:

He wrote.

“The experience of ages, however, has sufficiently proved that the wines of the highest quality are only grown upon vines attached to trees, and that even then the choicest wines are produced by the upper part of the tree, the produce of the lower part being more abundant; such being the beneficial results of elevating the vine.”

We are regenerative growers taking great care to leave the land over which we currently have stewardship in a better condition than when we purchased the land.

For us the health of the soil is absolutely key to producing healthy plants, healthy fruit to create a pure wine. A genuine product of the land true to its terroir and natural winemaking.

Hebron vineyard now has the only commercial Arbustrum, of about 400 vines in the UK, the design of the Arbustrum and the use of willow as the trellis is globally unique.

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